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HRT For Men  
HRT for Muscle Tone Improvement in Men and Women
Cause of Loss of Muscle Tone

A loss of muscle tone may be due to multiple illnesses and deficiencies.  Everybody knows that testosterone deficiency in aging men may cause a decrease in muscle tone and mass. However, a deficiency or an excess of other hormones (e.g. thyroid, cortisol, insulin, parathyroid), minerals (e.g. iron, copper, calcium), nutrients and vitamins can also affect your response to exercise and recovery time.  Certain “healthy“diets or exercise programs may counterintuitively have negative impacts on your muscles. Muscle weakness and ache are frequent side effects of popular antihypertensive and cholesterol lowering and other medications.

Treatment Options

Forever Ageless takes our patients’ concerns seriously. Loss of muscle tone can be an early sign of a serious medical condition and should not be ignored.  A thorough review of your life style, diet, and physical exam and evaluation of metabolic and hormonal milieu may help to point out the specific cause or causes of the problem.  The physician will then direct you to appropriate adjustment in your lifestyle, diet, supplements, medications, and hormonal optimization accordingly.

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