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Our Internal Medicine Philosophy

Advanced Internal Medicine

Dr. Kopyev has been an internist for over 20 years. He remains somewhat old fashioned in his approach with his patients. Dr. Kopyev believes that medicine is a blend of art and science and not a collection of protocols and guidelines. Dr. Kopyev's task is to connect seemingly unrelated things to come to a correct diagnosis and then treat the root cause of that particular patient's disease.

Dr. Kopyev likes to ask certain questions and get obtain answers directly from patients. He does not like to have patients fill out or read 50-page all inclusive questionnaires. Instead he prefers to perform a physical examination to clarify the information received from his interview process. Only then does Dr. Kopyev order tests to confirm or dismiss his clinical diagnosis.

Dr. Kopyev feels that in current medical practice, both healthcare professionals and patients over-rely on modern technology and medications. He sees patients who have been on the same medications for years that are only intended to be used only for 2 - 4 weeks. Patients often come demaning MRI or CAT scans when all that the patient really needs is to be asked a few simple questions, have a physical exam and perhaps may need a simple inexpensive blood test. Dr. Kopyev has seen patients that claim that they have a nasty cold, and after a few questions and a simple exam, needs to arrange urgent cardiac surgeons or procedures. He has seen patients who have visited one specialist after another and had sophisticated tests performed to dismiss pathology of a particularly narrow field only to find that there is nothing wrong with a particular organ or system and patients end up being referred to another specialist to repeat the cycle. Dr. Kopyev believes that it is far more simple to go to the correct specialist the first time.

Patients who have visited Dr. Kopyev often times have been on multiple pain medications to suppress their symptoms and hide the real issue. Their symptoms gradually get worse as the disease progresses and the negative side-effects begin to accumulate. He believes that it is much better to investigate the root of the pain and fix it. Often times, the issue is something that is very simple such as too many medications, hormonal imbalances, vitamin or nutrient deficiencies, specific muscle group weaknesses or an improper exercise program.

Patients with high cholesterol that have seen Dr. Kopyev usually only needed corrections made to their diets instead of pills. Many times, high cholesterol levels can be adjusted with a refined diet and fish oil instead of taking small doses of statin. Even patients with normal cholesterol levels, pristine diets and exercise programs with no unhealthy habits have had multiple coronary stints placed over the years at an unusually young age because nobody had addressed their easily treatable genetic defect, which actually caused early atherosclerosis. Young and thin women have visited Dr. Kopyev who had type II diabetes, usually associated with obesity, who were treated with high-dose insulin without any questions asked in regards to why they had extremely high insulin resistance to begin with.

There are countless examples of patients that Dr. Kopyev has worked with over the years who come to him with preventable diseases that were escalated by misdiagnoses or treatment. For this reason, Dr. Kopyev does not like to perform tests and prescribe medication simply because it is indicated to do so for certain age groups or diagnoses. He does not even like that idea that he has to meet certain benchmarks to attain a better reimbursement rate. Dr. Kopyev has decided for himself that he does not need to make any national or regional benchmarks in prescribing certain medications or ordering certain tests simply because they are required by policies, guidelines, insurances or any other groups or authorities. Quite simply, Dr. Kopyev works for his patients and nothing else.

Dr. Kopyev accepts all newcomers who have a sincere desire to get better and are willing to put in a little effort. It is always at least two people working together to get you well which is always you and Dr. Kopyev. The bottom line is that Dr. Kopyev enjoys what he does and is passionate about how he does it. He likes to start from an individual and treat them as an individual. Come to Forever Ageless for your first second opinion and he will do everything in his power to make sure that it is your last.

Our goal at Forever Ageless is to place you in the lowest possible risk category of disease (particularly heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease—and thereby extending your health span). Our 360° approach aims at not only allowing our patients to reach recognized “standards of care”, but to also look for optimal care for you as an individual, not just improving your numbers and decreasing relative risk but at the same time, making you feel better and more alive than ever.

We do this with a combination of Internal Medicine and Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Our process is simple. We begin with an evaluation to analyze your current health and metabolic state through a thorough interview, physical examination and labratory evaluation. We then determine the best course of action to alleviate your symptoms and so you can reach your full potential as a human being.

Age Management Medicine is our approach which is not a new concept in the medical field. An old Chinese proverb states: “The inferior physician treats the disease once it occurs. The mediocre physician prevents the disease from coming back. The superior physician prevents the disease from ever occurring.”

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Candidates for Advanced Internal Medicine at Forever Ageless

  • Patients who see no improvement or get worse on prescribed treatment
  • Patients who cannot establish exact diagnosis despite having been seen by specialists
  • Patients in need of a second opinion
  • Patients with rare diseases and complex conditions
  • Patients who were told that there is nothing wrong with them who still feel that there is something wrong
  • Patients who feel that they have to take too many medications
  • Patients who were told that nothing can be done for their condition
  • Patients who were told that there are not any treatment options
  • Patients who wish to treat the root cause of their disease and not just the consequences and symptoms
  • Patients who are suspected to have a "leaky gut"
  • Patients with advanced metastatic prostate cancer
  • Patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
  • Patients with adrenal fatigue
  • Patients with advanced congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • Patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and chronic abdominal and pelvic pain
  • Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Patients with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), postpartum depression and perimenopause issues
  • Patients with hypothyroidism who has normalized thyroid tests but still feel badly
  • Patients who are looking for a holistic approach to their health and concerns
  • Patients with dyslipidemia who cannot tolerate statins (or HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
  • Patients who seek a natural treatment of osteoporosis in men and women

About Bioidentical Hormones About Forever Ageless
Bioidentical hormones - or bio identical hormones are derived from naturally occurring sources, such as yams and soy, and are designed to replicate the same chemical structure as the hormones that are produced naturally by our bodies. Based on your hormone levels, a specialized compounding pharmacy can individually tailor a bioidentical hormone regimen specifically designed for you. At Forever Ageless, we can determine how to balance your hormonesand optimize your life.
Choosing a doctor is one of the most important and personal decisions you make. Your doctor is your partner in health and is there to guide you through many decisions about protecting your health, staying healthy, and coping with illness. While a good doctor-patient relationship develops with time and is built on trust, you can ensure a good start by speaking with Dr. Kopyev about his philosophy on healthy living. Read his story.
bioidentical hormone replacement for men
There are many issues that face men today. There are several solutions that can help with low libido, cardiovascular health, lack of energy, low-testosterone, weight gain, circulatory deficiencies and more. At Forever Ageless Age Management and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, we strive to determine your weaknessses with standardized testing to develop the most optimal levels to balance your mind, body and spirit.
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The office of Forever Ageless Age Management and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is located in at 1949 State Route 59, Suite 102 in Kent, Ohio. We are able to fulfill all of your required testing to get you on track for balancing your hormones and becoming forever ageless.
bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women
Women can develop a multitude of concerns as they age. With Hormone Replacement Therapy, many of these conditions can be diminished by balancing a proper regime of diet, exercise and supplements. Women are mostly concerned with menopause and the host of problems that come with it such as lowered libido, weight gain, fine lines and wrinkles, lack of energy and insomnia. There are also countless other concerns that can be helped with HRT such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular health, brain health and much more.
internal medicine
You have been to multiple doctors, you have visited multiple specialists and clinics but you still have not been told what is wrong with you, why you are not feeling better or told that nothing can be done. Dr. Kopyev practices advanced internal medicine to help reach a proper diagnosis and develop a customized treatment programs for you to get you feeling better and living happier.
"One Size Fits All Supplements?" Your body is too unique for that. It is time to take the guesswork out of supplementation with Forever Ageless more >

Women can develop a multitude of concerns as they age. With Hormone Replacement Therapy, many of these conditions can be diminished by balancing a proper regime of diet, exercise and supplements. Women are mostly concerned with menopause and the host of problems that come with it such as lowered libido, weight gain, fine lines and wrinkles, lack of energy and insomnia. There are also countless other concerns that can be helped with HRT such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular health, brain health and much more.
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