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HRT For Men  
HRT and Men's Heart Disease
HRT and Heart Disease

There have been many studies that confirm the correlation between heart disease and low levels of testosterone and estrogen in men. Research has shown that testosterone replacement therapy can help prevent heart disease. Studies have also proven that men with heart disease are twice as likely to have low testosterone than those without heart disease. Testosterone and estrogen deprivation therapy in patients with advanced prostate cancer is well-known for excessive cardiovascular mortality.

Treatment Options at Forever Ageless

Testosterone Replacement Therapy as well as the optimization of other hormones, can have a beneficial effect on the prevention and treatment of heart disease. Patients with acute and severe heart attacks were found to have lower testosterone levels when compared to healthy men. Studies showed a decrease in cardiovascular risk in response to testosterone replacement therapy and beneficial effects on insulin resistance and hypertension, and in reducing waist-to-hip ratio. The intravenous administration of testosterone to men with coronary arterial disease (CAD) improved the function of the endothelium in the blood vessels. By achieving normal concentrations of testosterone in men with CAD, coronary artery dilatation and increased coronary blood flow were induced. According to that study, testosterone increased total exercise time and tolerance in those patients. In addition, a study of low-dose testosterone in men with stable angina reported a significantly improved blood flow to the heart, which benefited proportionally greater patients with lower levels of testosterone. Pilot trials at Stanford University showed promising results in treatment even in the end-stage congestive heart failure from CAD.
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