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HRT for Women  
HRT for Prevention of Fibrocystic Breasts
Fibrocystic Breasts Prevention and Hormone Replacement Therapy
Fibrocystic breasts are characterized by lumpiness, due to small breast masses or breast cysts, and usually discomfort in one or both breasts. This condition is very common and benign, meaning that fibrocystic breasts are not malignant (cancerous). Breast cysts, by themselves, do not require treatment unless the cysts are painful or otherwise uncomfortable. However, the presence of fibrocystic disease is a sign of a serious mismatch of progesterone and estrogen.

The treatments for the fibrocystic breast condition are directed at the correction of hormonal irregularities to bring relief of unpleasant symptoms (such as breast pain and tenderness). At Forever Ageless, we attempt to balance hormones with the goal to treat the symptoms and at the same time minimize the risk of breast cancer.
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