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HRT for Women  
How HRT Helps Increase Energy Levels in Women
Increase Energy with Hormone Replacement Therapy
There are many challenges facing women as they age. In addition to decreased levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, there are other hormones that taper off during menopause such as DHEA, melatonin, human growth hormone and thyroid hormones. At the same time, excessive amounts of other hormones (e.g. insulin, parathyroid hormone and cortisol) may accumulate.

As these hormone levels are altered, women experience a magnitude of symptoms that affect the breasts, vagina, bones, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, cardiovascular system, skin, and brain. However, the most universal effect is the dramatic decline in energy level.  We all see it; with each day that passes, parents are slowly lagging more and more behind their children and grandchildren.  Unfortunately, this has come to be seen as the standard image, but at Forever Ageless, we seek to supress the representation of aging. With proper implementation of hormone replacement therapy, body energetics can be effectively restored to youthful levels

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