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HRT for Women  
HRT Solutions for Vaginal Dryness
Treat Vaginal Dryness and Thinning with Hormone Replacement Therapy
Vaginal and urogenital dryness and thinning normally occurs in women after menopause and is primarily due to low estrogen level. Mucosal dryness significantly affects the defense systems of the body; this is why postmenopausal women frequently suffer from urinary tract infections. Thinning of mucosa and loss of urogenital muscles commonly result in urine and stool incontinence as well as bladder, rectum and uterine prolapse. Every primary care physician or gynecologist can share a sad case of an older woman who stood up after her birthday dinner in a fancy restaurant and found herself in front of all her guests in a large puddle of urineā€¦ That embarrassment could have been easily prevented!

By replacing missing hormones (e.g. estrogen, progesterone, DHEA) with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Forever Ageless can safely and effectively treat vaginal dryness, prevent vaginal and urogenital mucosa thinning, and reduce incontinence and urinary tract infections. There are multiple modalities and options available even for breast cancer survivors.
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