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About The HRT Process
how hormone replacement therapy worksThe HRT Process

The process of hormone replacement is fairly straightforward. The most important part of hormone replacement therapy is the thorough initial evaluation and consultation. Our physician first establishes a list of your concerns and goals and issues a full metabolic and hormonal evaluation.

The next step is to collect urine, blood and saliva samples which (are) sent to a lab for evaluation. Once the physician (receives the results) has the results back, he will analyze the findings and then, discuss a treatment plan with you. The treatment explores four major areas including nutrition supplementation, exercise, diet and appropriate hormone replacement.

Once you request to proceed with treatment, the physician develops a customized blend of hormones, which will be prepared at a compounding pharmacy. The supplements are then shipped to your door and your hormone replacement therapy will begin.

The overall goal of the treatment is that you are not only seeing an improvement but also feel better. Since your samples were already collected to establish a baseline, the physician must periodically collect more samples to analyze in order to further optimize the formulas in response to your body’s needs.  We also have to monitor certain metabolic parameters to assure that we put you in the lowest possible risk quartile for progression or development of chronic aging diseases (e.g. heart attacks, strokes, cancers, and osteoporosis).

Overall, it is an extremely easy way to obtain the results that you desire. The physician maps everything out for you, and all that you have to do is follow the program.
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