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Activin and Inhibin Hormones
About Activin and Inhibin

Activin is a beta protein that contributes to the reproductive system by aiding in the release and conversion activities of follicles that stimulate the hormone responsible for growth, puberty, development and the reproductive process. Activin is also important for the regulation and coordination of the female menstrual cycle. It is naturally produced in the placenta, pituitary gland, testes, ovaries, skin and other glands. Activin additionally aids in the synthesis of collagen and repairs connective tissue.
What we do at Forever Ageless

At Forever Agless Age Management and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, we strive to optimize levels of activin and inhibin to help with the reproductive system. Additionally, we test your levels of Activin and Inhibin to understand more about your health and risks of certain conditions such as sprematogenesis, ovarian cancer and more.
Why Optimize Activin and Inhibin Levels with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Affects FSH biosynthesis andFSH induced secretion
  • Regulates androgen synthesis enhancing LH action in the ovary and testes
  • Regulates spermatogenesis in males
  • Speeds up wound healing and skin morphogenesis through stimulation of keratinocytes and stormal cells in a dose dependent manner
  • Increases expression levels of type-I collagen, suggesting potent activation of fibroblasts
  • Regulates morphogenesis of branching organs such as the prostate, lungs and especially kidneys
  • Prevents neural development defects
  • Underproduction of inhibin is thought to cause thermoregulation disturbances in hot flashes in perimenopausal females
  • Reduces the risk of fetus with Down Syndrome when detected at the gestational age of 16-18 weeks
  • Used as a marker for ovarian cancer
  • Used as a marker of spermatogenesis function in male infertility determination
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